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Best Apps for Traveling with an RV

Often times planning a trip and making reservations can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task. Thinking about where to book a reservation, the location, reviews, etc. can seem like a lot of work. Over the past few years I have found the following free Apps to be the most helpful!

Harvest Hosts

This is a cool traveling option for folks. For a yearly fee you can join Harvest Hosts and have opportunities to stay at 2,000+ locations nation wide. These locations can include: wineries, farms, golf courses, breweries, distilleries, attractions, etc. This is a very cool alternative to traditional RV parks and resorts. Some of these options are off-the-beaten path and make for some cool experiences. Maybe you want to stay at an alpaca farm, or a new winery, or even at a top notch golf course. With over 2,000 locations and new locations being added monthly the membership is absolutely worth it! How it works, sign up for a membership, download the app or view their website on a desktop. You can plan your trip, view from a map view or list view and filter and start contacting Hosts. The intent here is to make this an overnight stay only (not intended for long stays) and continue on your journey.

Use this referral link to sign up at Harvest Hosts:

All Stays

This app is the ultimate "go-to" app for people traveling with an RV or trailer. With over 30,000 campgrounds you are sure to find the perfect fit. From campgrounds, resorts, KOAs to BLM (free land), you will be sure to find just the right fit, at just the right budget and have an awesome trip! During EVERY road trip we take, we ALWAYS use the All Stays app. This app has allowed us to "plan trips" without having a super strict and rigid schedule, it has opened us up to staying at places that likely weren't on our traveling radar before. We have been able to find some really awesome BLM and National Corps land where we stayed for FREE and made wonderful memories. I'll give you an example, just outside of Grand Canyon we found free USFS land and we stayed there after exploring and enjoying the Grand Canyon. The best part: no one else was around. The even better part: enjoying nature first hand. We were just outside of the Grand Canyon but felt like we were so secluded and enjoyed every bit of it. See our photo below from our trip!

Location: Just outside of Tusayan, Arizona

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