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Why Travel in an RV?

We often get asked "Why do you travel in an RV?" The truth is, traveling in an RV is a different type of travel.

Our ultimate goal when deciding to purchase our RV was to "make as many memories with our kids as possible!" We wanted to go on endless road trips, explore life without reading about it or watching it on TV. We wanted to take off spontaneously and create memories that would last a lifetime! We wanted to experience life!

Why a small Class C RV?

You always hear "bigger is better" when it comes to pretty much everything in life. Well...that wasn't really the case when we were searching for RVs. For us it was important to have a small RV, something we could store at our home and get up and go! We researched, researched and did even more research when we purchased the RV. We knew we wanted something compact, well-built, versatile and dependable. We finally decided on the Winnebago Navion. This small 24' motorhome has been great for us to travel as a family.

We have been able to go on day trips, weekend trips, even 2 week long trips in the RV. We can always find a place to park, an RV park to stay at, or stay at a Harvest Host location. The opportunities are endless when you have a small RV. We can easily park at any National or State Park because our RV is so small. Despite the RV being compact, the layout allows our family of 4 to travel comfortably without missing any of the creature comforts from home! The RV features a king size bed, an overhead bunk, a sofa & dinette area, 2 TVs, and just enough space for our kids to relax!

We hope we can share our traveling adventures with you!

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